Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 34

Another day of getting used to the snaffle.  Marley accepted the bit very nicely right off the bat, and I started him on the lunge line to get him used to some contact.  I don't like lunging him too much, I think it's kind of boring to go in circles, but I think it helped him to start out with me on the ground.  He played with the bit a little bit when he felt the contact of the lunge line, but after a couple of minutes he was fine and I decided to get on.

Immediately when I picked up the reins Marley felt different.  Obviously this is new for him, so he wasn't moving forward as confidently and evenly as he has been in the last couple of weeks under saddle.  I basically kept a very light contact and a wide, low hand to let him get the hang of it.  This is exactly how I started him with the bit-less bridle, so I want to stick to the same pattern so he understands what I want of him.  He already knows basically what he is supposed to do, so I think once he gets past his insecurities here he will pick up right where we left off.  I did a lot of small figure eights at the walk and some circles at the trot but I kept it pretty basic and positive.  Marley seems to progress much more quickly this way, especially if he is apprehensive about something.  Once he gets the routine and understands, he settles right in.  I'm really interested to see how he does tomorrow, and I'm really hoping this rain stops long enough for me to ride... I wish I had an indoor! 

Also, I am going out of town tomorrow night for a conference for school, so Mike is going to be taking care of Marley and updating the blog for two or three days... depending on what time I get home on Sunday.  I have written out detailed instructions and lists for absolutely every situation that could come up while I'm away, I'm so nervous to leave!  I'm going to miss them both, but I'm sure Mike is going to spoil Marley rotten and there will be plenty of play time while I'm gone.  I also have a lot of big plans for Marley in the following weeks, I'm very excited to move forward with him and start to put everything together.
Not from today, but I think it's cute

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  1. Great! He is doing so well with you Lauren. Have fun when you are away.