Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 30 - In the dirt

Well, we've definitely had better days... It's is a shame because Marley was actually really great during our ride, but during cool down I had him walking around on the buckle completely relaxed and the next thing I knew I was grasping for mane as he hurled me to the ground.  At first, I hadn't even realized what spooked him, but as I got up I realized it was another fire helicopter flying ultra low.  He has had incidences with helicopters before, and he really has gotten better, but I think this one just caught the both of us off guard.  I didn't get angry at him because I really don't think it was his fault, but I had to take a minute because that ground sure felt hard, and I definitely don't bounce like I used to.  As soon as I hit the ground he came to a dead stop and stared at me, he was really wide eyed and when I got up I realized he was shaking.  I didn't say anything to him, I didn't want to reinforce the state he was in, or the fact that he had just thrown me (regardless of why), so I just walked him back towards the mounting block and as soon as he relaxed the slightest bit and followed me, I gave him a pat and we were talking again.  I took some time to stand him next to the block and walk around both sides of him as he was still very nervous.  I'm not sure if it was because he was still scared or if he was just worked up after our little rodeo, but we just went around until he was as relaxed and calm as he had been prior to the incident.  I made sure to end on a good note, and he was happy and eating his beet pulp when I left.

Just thought it was getting too boring around here I guess, figured I would keep it interesting! ;-)

This is the video my Dad took yesterday when he stopped by to see us.  He was having trouble sending it because it was too large, but we finally figured it out, so I figured I'd post it on today's blog so no one misses it.


  1. If I was a mustang I would have issues with helicopters too. Poor guy. Sounds like you handled it well and got him thinking about you again right away. That ground doesn't get any softer as you get older.

  2. Oh, poor Marley. Helicopters and wild mustangs don't mix. At least he is not bigger! That would have of hurt more! Good job handling it though.

  3. Great Video... No Vest.....
    Wow you are doing awesome and you both look great. So sorry to hear about your fall, I hope you recover quickly. I know you are proud of your progress and as well you should be. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.

  4. You have made great progress. I am impressed by Marley's open, even trot and relaxed frame. You both look relaxed and happy while at work. The helicopter incident was pretty fair, Marley's reaction was a deeply conditioned one. Congratulations on your patience and your kindness.