Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 33

I had a great morning with Marley.  I didn't ride again as I wanted Marley to have some time working in his bridle and bit before I get on him with it.  He was much more accepting of the bit today in that once he opened his mouth, he didn't chew or try to get his tongue over it.  I decided that since we were in the round pen, I would not attach a lunge line, instead I wanted Marley to move around and work with the bit on his own.  Eventually, I added the reins and and looped them through the saddle so that there was a light, even contact on both reins.  I didn't want to put side reins on or ask Marley to come into a frame, he is pretty light in the hand and I really would like to preserve that with a bit in his mouth. 

After some work in the round pen, I walked Marley all over the property with the bridle still on.  It took him a minute to understand that he should still follow me, but we went slow and pretty soon he was interested in everything else and paid no attention to the bit.  To finish up, we worked on some flexions from the ground.

Also, yesterday's post about Marley before EMM was missing two fantastic photographs sent to me by Elyse Gardner who was at the Calico Mountain roundup and photographed horses in the Fallon facility in NV.  Take a look!

 This horse looks like he could be Marley's Dad.  He has the same Appaloosa spots as Marley does, and virtually identical markings! His blaze is a little too thin, and his socks are higher than Marley's are, but I'd be willing to guess they are related.
Photo by Elyse Gardner

If this horse could just turn around.... Looks like Marley from behind anyway!
Photo by Elyse Gardner

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  1. I saw that top photo too Lauren and was thinking the same thing..the leg markings and mane on the same side...he isnt quiet as mottled...but depending on the time of year.....keep searching, he is sure to turn up in a photo somewhere...your doing a great job with him! great memories!