Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 27 - Marley Gets a Pedicure

The biggest news today is that Marley finally had his feet trimmed!  Jake came out to see Marley's progress and give us some pointers, and after a great ride I tied Marley to the inside of the arena and Jake got his tools.  

As I suspected, Marley was really wary of Jake when he walked up with everything.  It took a minute for him to take everything in and realize that Jake wasn't going to jump on him.  When he went to pick up Marley's feet, he scooted sideways a little bit but then relaxed and stood calmly.

While it didn't go as smoothly as a domestic horse standing for the farrier, it really went incredibly well, and in the end I think it was a positive experience for Marley.  I want to thank Jake for being so patient and taking the time to work with Marley rather than expecting anything out of him.  I think each trim will be easier and easier, and I'm really excited that his feet are starting to take shape a little bit. 
"I'm sorry I was scared, would you like a back rub now that we're friends?"

Marley's feet are so tough!  I guess that's how he survived in that rocky landscape!


Before the trim... Look at those long toes!

Hanging out in turn out while I clean his stall

I know, it has nothing to do with Marley but isn't he the cutest?

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  1. He is so sensible, what a great guy. Once he gets the hang of this new life I think you are going to have to keep that brain busy.