Monday, June 23, 2014

The Best Laid Plans

Of course I would publish a post telling you all about Marley and how we would once again be talking training... Well I spoke to soon.  I went to the barn on Saturday morning only to find that Marley had a big hematoma on his chest that hung down between his two front legs.  I recently moved Marley from the wild pasture into a pen for the summer since there are longer hours of daylight and I can spend more time at the barn.  Also, he was getting pretty fat on all of that grass, so it was win win for me to have him in.  I suspect that the new gang was figuring out their pecking order because it looks to me like Marley was kicked in the chest. 

Sigh.... I poked and prodded and while there is a little heat in the area, he doesn't seem to be sensitive.  I cold-hosed the area on Saturday and Sunday, and worked him lightly in the round pen or on a lunge line so he would at least move around and not get stiff.  Even though he doesn't seem to be sore, I'm going to give him a few days of light ground work because the swelling is too close to the girth for me to feel comfortable putting a saddle on him.  I don't want to inadvertently make it worse, plus he is a tough cookie and he might be a little sore but just isn't showing it. 
Saturday - Hematoma on chest & between legs
Saturday - Comes almost all the way to the girth area

Being goofy after cold-hosing

Some light work on Saturday and Sunday, just to keep moving.
 On Sunday it looked and felt a little better, the right side of it (looking directly at his chest) has seemed to go down a little bit.  He also really seems to like the cold-hosing, and hopefully it is helping.
Sunday progress

I wish I had more for you! Horses will be horses, hopefully in a few days Marley will be feeling better and we can get some riding in! For now, we will probably take lots of walks, do some pampering, and take lots of pictures. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

We are back!!

Oh my gosh you have no idea how hard I've been trying to sign back into this blogger account.  After Mike and I got married I changed my email address and my poor blog disappeared into oblivion.  It was still available to view, but no email, new or old, would log me in to edit and update it.  I gave up for a while and forgot about it, but lately I have been trying to gain access again.  After calls and emails and countless attempts at logging in with every email address I have ever owned.... We are reunited and it feels so good. 

Hello everyone! How have you been?  Wow do I have a lot of updating to do.  It has been about two years (how is that even possible!?!?) since I updated you on our adventures through life with the little (now much bigger) mustang, Marley.  I guess I should give you all a condensed recap before we go forward and talk training?? Here goes!

Photo by Katherine Payne Photography
The last time we spoke we were packing up for Colorado to get MARRIED!!! Wow it doesn't seem like that long ago, but it will be two years on Monday (June 23rd) that Mike and I said I DO!  It was such an incredible week, filled with family and friends, fun games, and gorgeous mountain scenery.  We were married in Durango, Colorado surrounded by so many people who we love.  It really couldn't have been more perfect.  Katherine Payne, who had taken so many gorgeous pictures of Marley was of course our wedding photographer.  We can't thank her enough for her generosity, all of these photos are hers.

After our incredible whirlwind wedding, we had our honeymoon to look forward to.  Instead of setting up a traditional wedding registry, Mike and I registered for our honeymoon.  We were so lucky to be able to spend 3 1/2 weeks in Portugal exploring the entire mainland and even spending a week at the end of our trip on Madeira island.  It was a once in a lifetime trip and it was absolutely incredible.  We met so many amazing people on our adventure, got to see where Mike's family used to live, and had enough cheese and wine to last a century.  We couldn't have dreamed up a better way to kick off married life together.  It was the best trip I've ever been on, hands down.

Eventually though, it was back to real life for us.  We had just spent over a month away from work, our dogs, and Marley.  This was the first time I hadn't seen Marley in more than 3 days... I was worried he was going to think we abandoned him! 

In good old Marley fashion though, I showed up at the barn and he ran to the gate, nickering and probably asking me where I had been.  He forgave me immediately and we went on a nice trail ride.  It was great to be back, but now we had to figure out WHAT we were going to do and WHERE we were going to go.  The job/school/life hunt began.

Eventually, we wound up in Southern California.  Before moving from the Bay Area in October 2012, we lost my sweet heart of a Labrador, Chance.  He was just short of 17 years old, and I still miss him today.  He had been through every major life event with me so far, and I couldn't imagine our life without him in our new home.  There will never be another Chance.
Chance only a couple of days before we had to say goodbye to him
After the heartbreaking loss of our Chance, I threw myself into the move, decorating, and job hunting.  I found an amazing barn for Marley very close to our house where he could live in a HUGE wild pasture.  The horse who once afraid of other horses and seemed to be such a loner ended up being the leader of his small herd. 
Marley after moving in to his new home.  Bath Time!
No matter where Marley is in the pasture, when we call him he comes right in!
Alister visiting Marley and his buddies
Ali feeding Marley carrots.  He loves our little nieces

Taking our Christmas photos

So, long story short, we arrive to today! Marley is doing great, and the blogging of our adventures finally continues.  Recently, we have started training again (not just trail riding and hiking) and are working our way back to where we left off over jumps and in the dressage arena.  Keep checking back to find out what Marley is up to, and I promise, now that I'm FINALLY back into the blog, I wont wait two years to update you.  <3