Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 29

Today was another great day out at the barn.  I'm increasing the amount of time I'm riding Marley and he is doing really well.  He is still in a bit-less bridle, but I think I'm going to start introducing the snaffle tomorrow.  He has had it in his mouth before, but never with any rein pressure at all, so I'm interested to see how he handles it.  I honestly think that since he understands the basics, he is going to be just fine, though I will still take it one step at a time and make sure Marley is comfortable.  I don't want to set back any of the progress he has made, and if it takes a few days to make the transition, I wont be upset.

While I was riding today, my Dad showed up unexpectedly to see our progress.  It was a great surprise and he got some video, which was nice because I didn't bring a camera out today (I did however take a photo from my phone of Marley eating his grain). The only problem is that he is having some trouble sending it from his phone, I think because the files are too large.  I'll keep working on it and when we get them, I'll edit this post to add the videos.  In the meantime, I wanted to get a short update up before midnight.

Marley worked up a bit of a sweat today during our ride, so I took my time cooling him out and spent some time doing some groundwork and walking around the stable grounds.  We also went to the wash rack where he let me scrub his legs, (something he was pretty unsure of the day he had his first bath).  It is very apparent that he has grown much more comfortable as today he was practically falling asleep while I hosed him down.  Good Marley.

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