Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 24 - Bundle Up!

Ahh Colorado.  If you don't like the weather here, just wait five minutes and it will change.  When I walked out the door this morning at 9 AM, it was sunny and 70 degrees.  By the time I left to go see Marley at 1:30, it was a freezing 29 degrees and snowing.  Hey, we need the moisture so I'll take it, but why can't it be a nice spring rain? 

I didn't ride today, but we brought Marley out for some exercise and I wanted to work with his feet to prepare for his trim tomorrow.  I'm also starting him on some grain, very little for now to make sure it doesn't shock his system, and today was the first day he got it.  I had never thought of the fact that he has never eaten grain before, and when I walked in with his grain pail and shook it, he jumped to the other side of the pen and snorted at me.  I'm sorry Marley!! I actually had to go put his halter on and spend a good fifteen minutes walking him up to the grain pail that almost attacked him.  Finally, after a couple of handfuls of grain, he ate out of the pail while I was holding onto it.  Phew!  Not so scary any more.  I was able to set it on the ground and finished every last bit. 

Now, Marley, if you could please not rip this blanket up, I would appreciate it.  


  1. Very very sweet. Good luck with him not ripping the blanket!

  2. Haha thanks! He has already ripped one... so we will see. I want him to shed, he has other ideas.