Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 78

Another great day of training with Marley and I'm finally feeling like we are getting somewhere for the first time in weeks.  Please weather, hold up for us until the 10th, we have a lot of ground to make up!

We are continuing to work on improving our lateral work and Marley is really starting to understand the cues and the difference between them (we struggled with this at first).  Mike took some video of us, working and it definitely isn't perfect, but it's an improvement and I'll take it! ----update---- I can't get the entire video to upload, for some reason the only part that will upload is the beginning which is backing, as you can see.  I've been messing with it for over and hour, and I can't get it to play.  It's a longer video so I'll try to edit it tomorrow and cut it down to see if I can get it up.  In the meantime, here is Marley backing up!

I also brought back the simple lead changes as Marley wanted to rush across the middle of the arena on his forehand, so this really helped.  We need a lot of canter work, I'm hoping we can continue to build strength and endurance to help with his balance and softness at the canter.  Our steering has at least improved at this gait, and he hasn't missed a lead in a few rides.  I was very happy with the work we did today, and since Mike had his first Saturday off in months and was able to join me, he received his first ever riding lesson! 

I know, I know... learning how to ride on a horse who is also learning??  Not always the greatest idea... but Marley is really comfortable with Mike and any time he was a little confused, he just stood still.  What a good boy, and not a mean bone in his body.  For Mike's first lesson we worked on body position, relaxation, and following movement and most importantly (especially when riding a horse who is in training) how these effect the horse.  We didn't get passed the walk today, but I never put a lunge line on Marley and by the end of their ride Mike was able to walk forward, turn either direction, and halt all by using his legs and body.  No pulling on my mustang's mouth allowed, and Mike did a great job absorbing everything I was throwing at him.  

I will also be updating Marley's wish list each day to let people know where we are at.  Thank you everyone for your continued support, I hope in two weeks Marley can become a permanent figure in our lives and I may continue to write about his progress and adventures. 

Marley’s Wish List

*5 40lb Bags of Beet Pulp (one bag every 2.5 months)

*Farrier services – every 6 – 8 weeks

*De-wormer - Donated by Dominika Nawrot

*Vaccinations - Donated by Dominika Nawrot

*1 Yearly Dental exam/teeth float

*Coggins Test

*Monthly Board @ 300.00 per month

*Emergency Vet Fund

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  1. I love that he's accomplished so much. I know horses who are domestic-born and in training for YEARS and don't know this stuff. <3