Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 67

By some miracle, the arena was actually dry enough to ride today, other than the few puddles here and there.  I spent a lot of time warming up and going through lots of little exercises since Marley has had so many days off.  He's such a good boy though, and came back without skipping a beat. 

Just as I finished setting up some ground poles and started our canter work, there was a loud crash of thunder and within seconds it was pouring rain.  ARGHH!!! I need an indoor!

I got off of Marley and he was very good while I pulled all of his tack off and tried to get everything out of the rain.  Within two minutes we were running at a fast trot back to his shelter together, and we both stood there until the rain lightened up enough for me to go back to my car.

I was happy to get some riding time in, finally, even though it ended up getting cut short.  I'm a little worried about how much rain we are supposed to be getting in the coming days, but I'm hoping it doesn't turn the arena into a lake as before.  We are coming down to the wire and Marley and I have made virtually no progress under saddle since Abbe Ranch due to weather.  

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