Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 61 - 64: Rain Rain Go Away...

Well, I intended to give Marley one day off... and then the beautiful state of Colorado decided I should probably just give him the entire week off (minus one day).  Did we somehow get transported to the pacific northwest?  I can honestly say I have never seen so much mud.

Even the one semi-decent day of weather yesterday wasn't enough to even remotely dry up the Amen Reservoir that has taken over the arena at Amen Acres.  I have been diligently raking Marley's pen to try to keep it as comfortable as possible for him, but the battle has basically been futile and not only could Marley care less (in my opinion) about the state of his stall at this point, but he refuses to spend much, if any, time in his shelter.  To top it all off, you wouldn't know he has ever spent a day out of the wild by looking at him.  He has been living it up rolling in the mud, and his mane and tail are back to muddy dreadlocks.  Well, I guess I named him Marley for a reason.


  1. pictures of him rolling in the mud? As good as the brushing feels to him, a good roll in the mud has got to be priceless.

  2. I found one positive note. The rolling in the mud has taken most of Nina's winter coat off. Other than that this week has been useless. Thinking of shopping for a canoe.