Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 68 - Stormy Day

Photo by Katherine Payne Photography
Well, I'm grounded once again as the rain just keeps coming down in buckets.  I went out to the barn today to do what I could with Marley's pen in an attempt to keep his shelter dry.  When I got there it was raining, but after about 30 minutes it turned to a severe thunder storm complete with hail and a tornado warning.  Of course, I had no idea about the tornado warning, so I sat in Marley's shelter with him for about two hours.  The rain on his shelter mixed with the consistent booming thunder was deafening, and a couple of times Marley flinched noticeably and even jumped sideways once due to close lightning strikes and the successive crash of thunder.  Most of the time though, I sat in the corner and Marley snoozed with his head hung, chin resting on my knees.  While I would have loved to ride today, and we REALLY need the training time, it was nice to sit with Marley during such a miserable day.  While I can't be sure, I think he enjoyed my company.  I know I enjoyed his. 

1 comment:

  1. That was sweet you stayed with him.
    Just saw equine herpes now found in AZ too.
    Sure hope it does not get into the Wild Mustangs in the wild or NV holding facilities. scary!
    Looking forward to your next post. Thanks.