Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 88

Photo by Katherine Payne Photography
Marley got his health certificate today and is all ready to travel to Fort Collins for the makeover.  We had a nice ride today and took it pretty easy, I don't want to tire him out so close to an event where we will be riding 3 or more times a day.

I have to say, our cater work is still pretty atrocious, even though it has gotten so much better from when we started.  I have decided that for the makeover I'll just let him canter on a light rein, maybe even a loose rein if we are having trouble.  We did however get some really nice leg yields today, and I quit on that note as I was really happy with how quiet, willing, and responsive Marley was being.

Only two days to go.  Light riding from here on out and a workout at the CSU arena on Thursday afternoon for our final training session before the event.  Gulp.


  1. Good luck! Have fun and I hope you get to bring him home.

  2. I'll be there rooting for you and Marley! Good luck and hope he comes home forever with you.

  3. What a great photo... he looks so beautiful! I am praying that he can be yours forever. I know he is already yours in both of your hearts!! Wish I could be there this weekend... Love you!