Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 85, 86, and 87

Day 85 and 86

Photo by Katherine Payne Photography
It was a crazy weekend so Marley got a couple days to chill out a little.  My best friend since I was 2 years old got married and we spent the weekend celebrating with her and her husband.  They are moving to Greece to start their life together with a little bit of adventure, and we are going to miss them dearly. 

Since the weekend was all about the Hellers, Marley enjoyed light work and play time.  I worked a little bit on our required movements and lateral work, and then a lot of loose rein circles and canter work.  Jake gave me a new western saddle that is a little bit lighter for me, so I have be riding in it to get used to it a little bit before we go this weekend.

Also, while Stephanie (my girlfriend who just got married) and I were running around doing last minute errands, Mike came out with a couple of his friends to bring Marley out for some play time.  Each one of the guys took turns walking up to him and haltering him and leading him around which was great for Marley.  Mike said he was unsure a little unsure at first, but the last time I left Mike alone with Marley on day twenty something it didn't work out too well, so this was great news. 

Day 87

Photo by Katherine Payne Photography
It was a really beautiful evening tonight when I went out to the barn to ride Marley.  Again I didn't work him really hard as at this point I would rather just go with what we've got than stress out over what we haven't gotten to yet.  After my minor panic attack on day 84 with the regression of our turn on the haunches, I was reminded to not try to fit too much into these final sessions and just try to stay relaxed and have fun.  Well, I'll sure try! Though I'm definitely far from feeling relaxed.

I would like to know that on Sunday I'm bringing my horse home with me, but I just don't know.  We are far from our wish list goal and I don't know what Marley will go for on Sunday, so we might just flat out be outbid.  Uuuugggghhhh, I can't take the suspense any longer.  Only 3 more days to go.

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  1. Lauren, wish I could help out in some way but finances are pretty tight right now. I did buy a couple of lottery tickets yesterday...
    Whatever happens with Marley know that you gave him a wonderful exposure to the human kind. If you don't bring him home, maybe the buyer will have you continue with his training. Keeping my fingers crossed for you both.