Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 19

Another long day at school, but what better way to end it than with Marley?  Once again we worked in the large arena and this time I set up a mini obstacle course to help expose Marley to something different.  I walked him through everything and he followed curiously, usually snorting at anything he was less than comfortable with.  We rolled barrels around, walked through cones, stepped over poles, it was really fun.

Once Marley was bored with all of the new things he had discovered, I brought him to the mounting block and got on him for the first time in his English saddle AND in the large arena!  He was very good and stood patiently, even ignoring the horse nearby that was tearing around his turnout area.

After a great evening of training, I took off Marley's tack and let him run around and play.  He really let loose and got rid of some energy.  After a good run we played with the toys in the arena, and Marley was particularly interested in the cone I had turned into a blow horn! 

"Hey, how'd you do that?"

Family Photo

Broncos Fan


  1. I so enjoy watching Marley run... Thanks

  2. He should be the Bronco's new mascot!

  3. Hi Lauren, it's Kathy, Jaime's mom. He looks great! It's so cool to see him so willing and happy to be with you. You are doing an awesome job, it's always nice to get that first ride in quietly. Just shows you did your prep work :) Congrats and enjoy, I'll check back, Jaime brags about you all the time, for good reason.