Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 11 - A Day of (unplanned) Rest

No training blog today unfortunately.  Last night I started to come down with the flu that Mike has had the last couple of days, and when I woke up this morning with a fever and massive body aches, I knew we wouldn't be doing any training sessions today.

At about 1:00 Mike was able to drag me out of bed and we went to let Marley out into the arena and clean his pen.  He also ate almost an entire bag of carrots because I felt so bad that we couldn't stay long.  The good news is that we are both feeling better as the day goes on, and I'm bound and determined to get out and do some training tomorrow.  Stay tuned, and to keep you from being completely disappointed in this post, here is a photo time-line of the first 10 days.

Day 1: Marley just off the trailer from Canon City
Photo by Forever Yours Photography

Day 2: No longer #1670, learns to lead, decides he loves carrots, and spends his first night in his stall.  It was a big day for Marley!

Day 3: Marley gets his first thorough brushing and looses his namesake dreadlocks.  He also makes the journey up to the round pen and back, and learns what the clicker means!
Photo by Katherine Payne Photography

Day 4: Marley allows me to brush his forelock and touch his ears.  He also learns to target to a target pole and he starts picking up his feet for me.

Day 5: Marley wears his first Bridle, first blanket, and gets his tail combed! 

Day 6:  Marley spends hours being groomed and gets used to the mounting block.  He also wears a saddle without the girth and explores the stable grounds.

 Day 7: Marley is fully saddled and bridled, wearing a girth, and lunging quietly.  He has begun responding to me calling him, and walks to the gate eagerly when I come to get him from his stall. 

Day 8: Marley wore western tack for the first time and stood quietly while I got on! What a big day.

Day 9: Marley's second day under saddle.  He begins to feel comfortable moving forward and starts to learn his aids.

Day 10:  Marley takes the day off from training to stretch his legs and run for the first time in the large arena.  He plays for over an hour following me around the arena, meeting new people, and bonding with Mike and I.

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