Monday, June 23, 2014

The Best Laid Plans

Of course I would publish a post telling you all about Marley and how we would once again be talking training... Well I spoke to soon.  I went to the barn on Saturday morning only to find that Marley had a big hematoma on his chest that hung down between his two front legs.  I recently moved Marley from the wild pasture into a pen for the summer since there are longer hours of daylight and I can spend more time at the barn.  Also, he was getting pretty fat on all of that grass, so it was win win for me to have him in.  I suspect that the new gang was figuring out their pecking order because it looks to me like Marley was kicked in the chest. 

Sigh.... I poked and prodded and while there is a little heat in the area, he doesn't seem to be sensitive.  I cold-hosed the area on Saturday and Sunday, and worked him lightly in the round pen or on a lunge line so he would at least move around and not get stiff.  Even though he doesn't seem to be sore, I'm going to give him a few days of light ground work because the swelling is too close to the girth for me to feel comfortable putting a saddle on him.  I don't want to inadvertently make it worse, plus he is a tough cookie and he might be a little sore but just isn't showing it. 
Saturday - Hematoma on chest & between legs
Saturday - Comes almost all the way to the girth area

Being goofy after cold-hosing

Some light work on Saturday and Sunday, just to keep moving.
 On Sunday it looked and felt a little better, the right side of it (looking directly at his chest) has seemed to go down a little bit.  He also really seems to like the cold-hosing, and hopefully it is helping.
Sunday progress

I wish I had more for you! Horses will be horses, hopefully in a few days Marley will be feeling better and we can get some riding in! For now, we will probably take lots of walks, do some pampering, and take lots of pictures. 

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