Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Settling In

Marley has been diligently mowing the lawn at Brody Ranch now for the last five days, and aside from a minor bee sting, he is doing great.  The second day he was there it snowed and Marley spent the day digging through the snow to get to the grass rather than eating all of his hay.  He didn't care that it was snowing, he stood outside and even played with us when we kicked snow around. 

My little mustang is getting bigger!

Marley seemed pretty happy with his stall, but sometimes walking through the barn was a little spooky for him.  Since we couldn't do any riding as it was snowing, I decided to bring Marley into the barn for some target training.  I started asking him to target to objects all over the barn that he was afraid of.  Pretty soon, exploring the barn became a game, and Marley will do just about anything for a carrot.   Just like that, the barn was safe.
Marley laying down on cue

The next day, in typical Colorado fashion, it was warm, sunny, and all of the snow melted.  I decided to take Marley out for a ride through the field.  I rode him bareback, and he was great.  It was still a little wet, so we did some trotting, but mostly we enjoyed the nice weather and a relaxing morning.

Today, Marley and I spent time together and went on a long walk.  He was great on the road and didn't spook once.  The best part was that when we finished up for the day, I didn't have to put him into a stall. 

"Mom, you're embarrassing me!"

Happy Marley


  1. Love the between the ears shots! My favorite way to see the world!

  2. Marley must have been so thrilled to be eating grass the way he did for those years when he was wild. He'd rather dig for it than eat his hay! That just warmed my heart. He trusts you so much, too, so that the barn was safe in no time. He seems so happy and he is really looking good! :)

  3. Love the mane braid. He looks adorable!

  4. Hi Lauren. I am going into a pre-school this week to talk about horses in the winter, and wanted to show them how horses get at the grass under snow.
    I wondered if I might use your pic of Marley pawing the snow, please? It's perfect as he seems to be using lips and feet - and he is a handsome chap!
    We are based in middle of the UK.

    Thank you, Cat